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The importance of sports and games in school encompasses more than just the benefit of physical activity. sports are an integral part of a student’s life. A student should study hard to be successful in competitive examinations. But, he should also play games and sports to enjoy the health and vigor of life. Sports increases self-esteem and mental alertness which make school sports and games necessary for every school age child. 

Good sportsmanship provides guidelines that can be generalized to classroom and lifelong achievement. Participation in challenging sports contests teaches children to love classroom challenge. It also teaches children to function in a competitive society. Sports foster many of the skills children will use in school and adulthood. The following are many of the benefits of playing a sport in high school.

  • Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Anger Management
  • Social and Parental Bonding
  • Safe Fun
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Brings Out Skills

Green Field School International takes a great deal in including sports and games in the curriculum of studies which are very important in modern times with great infrastructure supporting all the sports and games students love. ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. We want Jack to become a bright young man. So, games and sports not optional but compulsory in education at all levels, so that approach to it may be sincere, not casual.

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